Coach Benefits:

  • Provide an innovative and cutting-edge service to all your clients
  • Help athletes build and manage their own programmes
  • Create a virtual 'Training Camp' to communicate and collaborate with athletes and parents
  • Enjoy remote access anytime anywhere for free!

Upon registering you will be ready to invite your athletes into your Training Camp. You can do this in two ways:

Invite athletes to link with you online

Once registered simply tell your athletes about the site and ask them to subscribe. Once they have done this you can link with them from your ‘Training Camp’ coach area - allowing you to access their training diary and start using the system to help and advise in an innovative and time-effective way.

Buy multiple subscriptions at a discounted rate

We offer a number of great value ‘athlete packs’ that allow a coach, club, academy, or organisation the chance to purchase multiple subscriptions at a discounted rate. These packs allow you to grow your business by:

  • Passing on the subscription cost to athletes at the full market rate
  • Providing the subscription for free but increasing coaching fees to reflect the higher level of service that is being offered
  • Providing the subscription for free as part of the service you offer and simply outshining your competitors!

We also offer a ‘bespoke package’ which involves a fully customized and branded site for your own club, academy, or organisation (price on application).

Please contact us [email protected] for more information about any of the packs above.

Please note: Athletes can also subscribe to a diary individually without being linked with a coach. Please feel free to recommend this option to any athlete who you feel may benefit even if you don’t plan to link with them yourself!


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