Code of conduct

This sets out how we recommend all of the site’s users (athletes, coaches, parents) operate when using the site.
For more detailed information, go to the site’s terms and conditions, privacy policy and child protection policy.

All users registered on the site whether they are a junior athlete, a senior athlete, a coach, a parent or other have a responsibility to act fairly and responsibly at all times. All users must remember that although there are areas that can only be accessed by the athlete and possibly their team the site should not be considered private: member areas can be viewed by web administrators. Although all details and postings will be treated in the strictest confidence any inappropriate use discovered will be dealt with immediately.

Junior Athletes
If you are using this site and are linked in to your coach through their ‘training camp’ area then you will be able to benefit from the regular communication about your goals and programme. To work well and on an ongoing basis, however, you should remember that both you and your coach have a right to be treated fairly. As such remember the following:

  • Do not put your coach in an awkward position by making postings on your site that would make them feel uncomfortable and unsure what to do. Examples of this would be swearing, postings that give personal details of your life outside tennis, postings that are rude or unfair to other people. None of these things are illegal, but they will make it very difficult for your coach to help you with your sport
  • If at any time your coach or any person communicating with you on the site makes you feel uncomfortable then you should tell your parent/guardian immediately. Alternatively you could tell us by contacting us on [email protected] . Examples of this would be a coach using swear words, sexually suggestive language, asking for personal details that make you feel uncomfortable or asking you to keep something secret from your parent/guardian

Finally remember that as an under 18 your parents/guardian will have had to approve your registration and will have a copy of your username and password. So they will be able to access your site at any time.

The great benefit of this site is that it will allow you to monitor your athletes’ goals and update them online. However, when people communicate through websites there are many examples of how there is a tendency to forget normal professional and personal boundaries. We just wanted to remind you that this has happened on lots of occasions – as it just takes one unprofessional comment to permanently damage your career and reputation.

  • Do not reply to any communications that contain any content that you feel may be inappropriate. This would include swearing, sexually suggestive comments, comments that are unfair to a 3rd party. Tell the athlete immediately that it makes you feel uncomfortable and ask them to stop.
  • Always act professionally when using the site and communicating with your athletes. Do not swear, give too many details about your personal life, criticise others, make sexually suggestive comments. Remember depending on what you say and who you say it to; this ranges from unprofessional to illegal.
  • Remember that for a junior athlete to register on the site their parent/guardian has to approve it, this means that they have all login details. Parents/guardians are advised to check on their child’s use of the site on a regular basis. So if you are some kind of weirdo – we suggest you go elsewhere as you’ll get caught on here!

In signing your child up to this site you have agreed to the terms and conditions. In the terms and conditions you are accepting your responsibility to monitor your child’s activity on the site. We do not regularly monitor content and communication in user’s personal areas and are not responsible for what is written there. As parents/guardians you need to check on a regular basis that your child is not placing any inappropriate content on the site. You also need to check that your child is not encouraging or being encouraged to enter into any inappropriate communication with another user (such as their coach) that has access to their athlete area.