Click on the icon on the right to view the site either as a player or a coach. We do recommend that coaches look at both so they can experience the diary through the eyes of a player as well as a coach.

Please note that you will be able to navigate through and view the whole site – although you won't be able to add any new content.

There are 3 main areas to the site:

  1. Player Area

    • Store player details and update general tennis info
    • Set long-term ambitions
    • Access podcasts and other great tennis resources

  2. Training Diary

    • Goal setting
    • Physical programme
    • Tournament calendar
    • Training and match reviews
    • Opponent scouting database
    • Results
    • Archive

  3. Training Camp

    • Coach stores their details and updates their general tennis info
    • Coach can post pictures and news items
    • Coach invites players from here
For Individual players not using coachFor tennis coaches

Players logging in to the site arrive in their 'Player Area' and from here can navigate to their 'Training Diary'. If they are linked with a coach they can also visit their coach’s 'Training Camp' by clicking on their coach's name in their 'Player Area'.

Coaches logging in to the site arrive in their 'Training Camp' area. From here they can click on the names of any players that they are linked with to view their diaries. The coach can view and add content to a player’s goals, physical programme, tournament calendar, and opponent scouting database. The coach can view training logs, match reviews and results – but is not able to add content to these sections. The coach can also leave messages for their player in the 'My Messages' section of the 'Player Area'.